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Cindy Mac is an awesome person not just a trainer. I’ve trained with her and she is friendly and personable. She’ll help you achieve your fitness goals, not just take your money and waste your training time talking about her level of expertise like some personal trainers do. I’ve learned a lot from her starting with the importance of getting your form down to ensure proper execution of exercise. I’ve trained with other personal trainers before and by far my experience with Cindy has been the best. I have learned a lot! There is never a dull session with her. She always pushes me and motivates me to my fullest potential. She implements many different styles of training into my workouts and I love it! You will definitely have her undivided attention and support to see you through your fitness goals!!!
Erica A. 35 Santa Ana, CA.
I started working out with Cindy Mac in August of 2013 and I cannot tell you how much stronger, more fit and more confident I feel. She is a true fitness professional and is committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Everyone thinks they can do it themselves, that they can join a gym or a weight loss program and it will be easy. Well, we both know that doesn’t work. How much money have you wasted on a gym membership where you didn’t go? That will not happen training with Cindy Mac because she will work with you one-on-one to find the best fitness routine and exercises that meet your needs. At Cindy MacPersonal Training, she doesn’t just take your money and give you an easy workout, she pushes you. And before long, you can see yourself getting stronger, doing more than you ever thought you could before, and that will translate to more self-confidence, more ability, and the desire to do more. Before long, you will even enjoy working out and look forward to it!. Trust me when I say that I am not a “gym rat” and I never loved going to the gym and being stared at while I tried ti figure out the machines. Cindy Mac makes you feel competent and able, never stupid or weird, and yet she will push you to be the best that you can be. You owe it to yourself to give her a call.
Erica A. 35 Santa Ana, CA.
I have been training with Cindy Mac for about four months now. I am incredibly happy with the results and look forward to continuing my weekly exercise routine with her! Cindy is just the right amount of motivating without being a drill sergeant. She is very skilled and sensitive to a neck injury I had and has tailored my workout sessions to achieve maximum results without putting my neck at risk of being injured again. Cindy’s personality and wide range of exercises makes going to the gym enjoyable, which isn’t something I thought was possible. In addition, the meal plan prepared for me by her helped me with the personal results I was looking for. The facility she trains out of is clean and professional. It is never over-crowded like a traditional chain gym. I would highly recommend fitness training with Cindy Mac!
Julie E. 50 Orange, CA.
I have been training with Cindy for over a year now and am more than satisfied with my workout results. When I first came to her I had a lot of health issues and thought no one would be able to help me. I had a hip replacement 2 years ago and was told I needed to exercise but to find the right personal trainer so I wouldn’t get hurt. Well, Cindy is that trainer. She knew exactly what to do with me. The exercises she chooses are appropriate and safe. I feel I am always in good hands. Not only is she a great trainer but she’s fun to be around. Exercising is not always pleasant and it can be challenging to stay motivated. Cindy does a good job of motivating me and has also helped me with my diabetes. She always checks my blood glucose levels before exercising. I really appreciate all that she has done for me and would highly recommend her if you are recovering from an injury or have any health issues. There are a lot of personal trainers out there but Cindy is the trainer for me and hopefully you.
William B. 67 Tustin, CA
Cindy has been one of the best personal trainers that I’ve ever had. She creates a comprehensive program that takes into account my overall health goals, training level, fitness strengths/weaknesses, and dietary needs. She is very motivating and keeps me on track of my progress. Cindy is a great communicator and coach with clear instructions on form and expectations. I’m not naturally gifted in the fitness category, nor do typically look forward to working out, but Cindy makes it fun and provides variation to keep my attention and flexibility when needed. I’ve lost weight and definitely feel stronger thanks to working with Cindy. I highly recommend Cindy as a strength and conditioning coach.
Heather H. 38 Orange, CA
Before I came to train with Cindy I was 100% anti-gym, anti-sweat, anti-exercise. I had never been able to make fitness a part of my routine because I found that going to the gym was equal parts boring and intimidating. I’ve always been pretty thin, but when I came to Cindy I was weak, out of shape, tired and having a hard time sleeping due to anxiety. I knew that I needed to exercise for my health and well-being, but I absolutely needed someone to motivate me. Cindy truly makes fitness fun, and I look forward to our sessions twice a week where she constantly surprises me with new circuit routines. I have hip pain caused by femoral impingement, and Cindy always considers my limitations which makes our sessions feel extra personalized. Six months with Cindy and I now have visible muscle definition, I am sleeping better and have way more sustained energy to get me through my work day. My personal favorite result is that I just feel so much stronger from the inside out, and this core strength helps me power through everything that I do from gardening and housework, to hiking and yoga. I feel so much more confident walking into the gym as I now come armed with an arsenal of simple exercises that Cindy has taught me (not to mention my newfound familiarity with the exercise equipment that used to scare me thanks to Cindy’s patient instructions). I am forever grateful for the time I’ve spent training with Cindy Mac and I would absolutely recommend her as a skilled, fun, motivating and creative personal trainer.
Danielle T. 36 Anaheim, CA