All of your goals and needs will begin with a complimentary consultation which includes: 


Weight loss can be frustrating especially if you are not seeing results. 

As a personal trainer I will not make false promises or set you up for failure.

My approach to losing weight involves teaching a client:

The goal is to get you conditioned to train in a fat burning zone so you can shed of those unwanted pounds. 


Finding the right stregnthening and conditioning personal trainer can be difficult. I have had many clients tell me how their last trainer injured them by overdoing the weight or overworking them so hard that they became ill.

This is not my style of training.

I am not about killing a client with heavy weight. I believe I can make you stronger and more conditioned in a safe manner.


I am a certified post rehabilitation trainer who is experienced and passionate about helping people manage their condition and reach their goals.  

Workout Programs available for :

Having worked along side a physical therapist has helped me understand the need and importance for this type of training. As long as a client has medical clearance and a desire to get stronger then he or she should have no problem doing the exercises.


Cindy is absolutely the best! She's energetic and encouraging throughout the whole workout. She doesn't make you feel bad if you start struggling with the routine. I look forward to working out with her every week! She constantly changes up the workout routine so you don't get bored. She's friendly and she makes the time fly by! I would recommend her 100%!

Linda S

Cindy is the best! She is very knowledgeable about health and exercise. She truly wants you to succeed and reach your goals whether it be losing weight or just getting stronger. Cindy works with and motivates people of all ages. If you are looking for a personal trainer, look no further and give Cindy a call.

Annie L

Always mixes it up. Cindy knows what she's doing and she really focuses on being healthy

Dee. G

My friend got me a gift certificate for a free session and i had no idea what to expect since im super out of shape. Cindy was down to earth, non judgemental and patient-all qualities of a great trainer. I highly recommend Cindy for anyone at any skill level who is ready to get pushed the right way!

M L.

Just want to let you know that Cindy helped me recuperate from my hip replacement! I am so grateful I found her. Her professionalism and encouragement was phenomenal. After my insurance stopped covering my physical therapy Cindy had the skills to takeover my rehabilitation. I highly recommend her if you need rehab or any physical training.

Roman D.

Although I only got to train with her for a few months, I enjoyed every minute of it! I absolutely hated going to the gym my whole life, but Cindy was able to make me feel more comfortable. If I was unable to do a certain workout because of an injury, she quickly modified it so it would work for me. She is also super flexible with rescheduling sessions (which I had to do more than once!). If I was not quite awake yet or having a bad day, Cindy always got me ready to go as soon as I walked in the door. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the motivation to get going!

Alex B.